Monday, February 13, 2006

Aborigine Wedding


Blogger Myself said...

Never delete pictures! Or if you do, put them on a backup CD, so if for some strange reason you need them a year down the road, they still exist.

This was a friend's wedding in Taiwan last January. One of the most fascinating events I've ever witnessed.

Blogger Natty said...

It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. I really like the shots of the bride with her veil. She glows - it's beautiful.

Anonymous mac said...


your photographs are beautiful. I am enjoying these and the others on your blog. Keep up the fantastic work.

Anonymous leslie said...

wow... amazing... I can't believe how lucky you were to be able to see this. And you got some beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing this David, it's awesome

Anonymous jasonspix said...

great set of shots!

Anonymous matt said...

Wonderful documentation. You've captured the event.

Anonymous Brian Shirk said...

color is your friend!

I *know* these pictures are way better than they look on here (partially because I have the extra backups here!), because the colors in them are what really set them (and the event/culture) apart from weddings that we're used to.

The joy and liveliness of the event seems to necessitate the vibrance that colors give, whereas black and white seems to have a more withdrawn, subtle mood to it.


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