Saturday, January 01, 2005


David and Arianna Unplugged. . .

I am a bit perplexed at what this photoblog is - it's definitely a chronicle of a special period of our lives, but not in the photo-diary way. I suppose Unplugged could be a record of learning photography, but I don't maintain it with the intent of looking back in five years and laughing at how awful I was (though I may well do so :). Ideally I would like it to be a sort of launching pad, a base for photographic ideas I'm toying with - that visitors may be able to help me learn and vice-versa. I also hope that as I come across great sites, photographers, and information that I can share them and how they have impacted me.

Reality What is actually occurring is that I am developing friends through this endeavor - something far more enjoyable than pictures! I'm also learning a lot about who I am. I tend to be quick to criticize and prideful, especially when it comes to art, and sometimes it becomes painfully evident as I proofread a comment I intend to post. I hope that I am softening and continue to soften, that I might speak true praise and admiration without a hint of jealousy, being critical only in an encouraging way (not only in photography, but at home).

Asian Flavor -
Unplugged was concieved in Taiwan, and most of the pictures up to July 2005 are on the island. Now we're home to North Carolina, but still posting some pictures from the journey. I don't know what direction my photography will take now that we're home, but I'm excited at the prospects of America!

Equipment -

Fuji FinePix S5000
Canon Rebel G
Canon EOS 20 D

Canon 18-50mm EFS
Canon 35-80mm

Elements 2.0 (yes, I'm in the stone age:)
Canon EOS Viewer

Also in my bag
4 ft & tabletop tripod
Notepad and pen
Pocket Bible
Lonely Planet

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