Sunday, January 15, 2006



Blogger Myself said...

Partly because we like the picture and partly as an enlargement experiment, we ordered a 20x30 of this today. It's funny because all the magazines say that my camera can't print larger than an 11x14, which may be true for a perfect print. But we have hopes it will turn out well!

Blogger John said...

What a terrific image... I can see why you want this one printed big. I got a 20x30 printed using my D70... I did interpolate the image but the final result looked fantastic. Good luck with it.

Blogger Massimo said...

Very nice image, and again the dark bakdrop is very effective in highlighting the subjects. You captured them in a very tender pose I can understand why you want this enlarged. In principle I don't see any problem in pushing it to 20x30, as long as you gradually interpolate it up to the right final number of DPIs, to avoid seeing big pixels in the final image.


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