Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Girls

Look! Color! Contrary to popular belief, our baby is not actually Black & White :)


Blogger Myself said...

Aha! Problem solved! I like to soften up portraits with a layer of gaussian blur set to overlay. But for indoor lighting, the pictures turn out way, way too red.
Turning the adjustment layer black and white provided the softness without the bad coloring. . .duh! It only took me two months to realize that!

Also, I'm really proud of Arianna in these pictures - she looks great!

Anonymous Shelly said...

David-- they both look amazing! Those are two breathtaking ladies you have on your hands. I'm adding these to my home collection. :)

Blogger John Yeatts said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger John Yeatts said...

Sorry had to delete that last one. I can't seem to spell tonight. Anyway, it was good meeting the three of you last week. I am really enjoying the pics on your blog. I actually started my own after seeing how well it works for you. Take care, John. Emily says hi too!

Blogger Mast Ram said...


You have some great pictures
I came to know about your blog from Photoblogs Magazine.

You really do have some great pictures

I do have a small blogspot related question though!

How did you keep your pictures so large.
Blogspot only has three sizes. However your pictures are too big which looks very nice on your blog? How did you keep such large pictures

Anonymous Adriana said...

Wow. you just keep amazing me. You're right they both look great. I think this is going to be top of my list so far. Especially the top one where they're both smiling, Congratualations for Arianna from me. ;)

Anonymous kitten said...

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