Tuesday, January 24, 2006


My favorite guitar pickin' partner, good friend, and brother-in-law! Check out his music at http://www.chiphouston.com.


Blogger Massimo said...

Beautiful portraits, both of them. In the bottom one I like the contrast between his shirt and the green "textured" grass. The photo above is very inspired... hem, does he know about the water "on stage"? ;-)

Blogger Natty said...

I like these two a lot. They seem to have a country feel to them. Does he do any music like that?

Anonymous matt said...

I really like that bottom shot...that wavy green, green grass makes a wonderful canvas.

Anonymous Shelly said...

I hope Chip uses these in his marketing, or for his next album cover! Both shots are amazing--I'm having a hard time deciding which one is my favorite. I think the black and white is winning out. Can't you just see that on the cover of the next Chip Houston cd?? It'd be perfect!

Anonymous leslie said...

I agree with what Shelly said. This looks like an album cover!


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