Monday, December 05, 2005

Moravian Love Feast

The Moravians were descendants of the earliest church reformers in what is now the Czech Republic during the 1500's. They later moved to Germany, seeking refuge from persecution, and then traveled to the new world, settling in Pennsylvania and North Carolina in a little settlement named Wachovia (like the bank).
The lovefeast celebrates the church community and unity.

Moravian Star


Blogger Myself said...

The top image is layered, blurred, and set opacity to screen to offer the soft effect. The second is as shot through the camera.

How funny to sing Christmas carols while staring through a viewfinder:)

Anonymous jasonspix said...

Wow! That top shot is fantastic. You really get a feel for what is going on. Great!

Anonymous Brandon said...

I agree with the Jason, the top shot is amazing. It takes a second to realize what you are looking at, and then once you see it, it takes leaves you speechless.

Blogger Bodhi said...

Wow, that's an awesome crowd shot... I don't know where you were standing to take it, but the perspective is fantastic, as is the soft effect (not to mention the starry candles).


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