Friday, December 30, 2005

Gradient Map

We did some picture of Chip and Alli over Christmas. The gradient map is one of my favorites in the artsy conversions we tried. What is a gradient map? All versions of Adobe photoshop contain the gradient map tool- they are useful for finding edges of light/dark. So on this particular map the highlights are red, shadows blue, and the various in-between shades of gray with violet, cyan, and green.

Immediate practical use - as I learn more about photography, I am beginning to think more about facial features - what makes this person distinct and beautiful. The gradient map really accentuates Alli's cheekbones, the curve of her neck, and the different shades in her hair. For chip, the map shows off his strong jaw, smile/smile lines and oval shape of his face.
Moreover, in my mind, the gradient map makes them look like superheroes!


Blogger Myself said...

I've never seen a gradient map posted on any of the photoblogs I visit - I think they're awesome, so here ya go!

Anonymous jasonspix said...

Gradient maps make for interesting shots. Cool!


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