Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tying up the Foals

Another favorite from our journey through Mongolia, partly because of the display of raw emotion as wild animal is being subdued. To keep track of their animals, the herders would tie up the young horses every morning, ensuring that the mares would stay nearby.


Blogger Myself said...

It's a wee bit sad - I'm working on a second article to be published on Mongolia, and I had to cut out this image again. Such is the editing process - sacrifice for the greater good and a cohesive whole. I'll publish another of my favorite cuts over the next few days.

BTW - the horse is not being harmed at all. It's reacting just like a child to the idea of nap time! Run away. . .pout. . .struggle. . . but ultimately comply

Anonymous ROB said...

What a cool actions shot. It does thought look like the foals are more in control than the man!


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