Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Daddy's Girl


Blogger Myself said...

My oldest friend asked me today what I felt about having a baby. Something like this - a mix of curiosity, wonder, and joy. I also feel like my life has just been taken and placed in two tiny little ones that are just learning to grasp and reach.

Processing - I clipped out the shadows using levels, lightened my face with diffuse glow, and left her alone - ideally the highlights would be a little cooler, but I'm still pleased!

Anonymous Shelly said...

I am in complete awe... and I haven't even met her yet! I can only imagine how you two feel--how such a tiny little person can suddenly infiltrate every aspect of your lives, and own your hearts from the very instant she was born. Wow. Just amazing.
David-- a beautiful picture! One of many Daddy/Daught pictures to come, I'm sure. I hope I see that proudly on display when I come visit!
Much love~

Blogger Susan said...

Oh, that makes me tear up... dangit, I am way too far away right now!!

Blogger Nitsa said...

What an unusual way of framing that photo! yes, yes, in a very good way. Have you noticed there's a light glowing of your baby? :)

Anonymous Adriana said...

I love it. One of my favorites. Wonderful use of ligth, and the composition is wordless.


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