Sunday, November 27, 2005


We had Madeline baptized today, which for us Lutherans is a big deal - like Catholics, we believe that baptism is a sacrament/vehicle through which children receive Christian faith. Arianna's father performed the ceremony, absolving her of sin and sprinkling water on her head as a symbol of new life. Afterwards he held her up for the church to see, announcing, "I present to you Madeline Grace, the newest child in the kingdom of God." Awesome!


Blogger Myself said...

We had a loose concept of this picture in our minds for several months (yes, before she was born) as a gift for our godparents. Arianna's father came to town wearing the cross, which was a gift from her mother while the two were engaged - he's been wearing it some 27 years - and made the image even more powerful as a symbol of faith being passed from generation to generation.

Anonymous Troy Earnest said...

Dave- I'm sorry we missed the baptism! Still can't wait to meet her!

Blogger me said...

We are very proud godparents. What an honor!


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