Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Though I do still have a plethora of Asia pictures left to share, I feel like a photoblog should journey through life at the present (or at least remotely present). So these are a few images from the beginning of a new journey - to incorporate photography into daily life, a process that will hopefully help me notice, appreciate, and ultimately revel in that which I have often-times considered mundane.


Blogger Myself said...

Too much photoshop, my wife said recently! Agreed, but I can't help it!

I reset the white point and adjusted the levels on the two faces.

And if you're wondering, I'm a waiter at a restaurant - these are my daily accessories. Ironically, my cufflink broke the next day after three+ years of service. Bye little guy!

Blogger Myself said...

p.s. - Does anyone else have a thing with smiley faces? Like when you make a sandwich do you draw a face with mayo on the bread and mustard on the meat and make them kiss? Or is it just me?

Anonymous jasonspix said...

Great job.

Blogger Michele's Mumblings said...

That's a neat set of pics! Cute.


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