Friday, October 07, 2005

Roses are Red?

So this is a little brain puzzle for your Friday - what's unusual about this picture? Hope you have a great weekend!

p.s. guess your answer, if you care to, and then click this link


Blogger Myself said...

Usually little games like this don't go over so well. It's no parcheesie, but hey, let's see how much fun can a photoblog be? So here ya go!

About this - taken in RAW, converted to B&W, layered, gaussian blur, 50% opacity.

My favorite attribute of black and white is the ability to mask busyness within an image. Color can be distracting - mono adds a sense of sparseness and draws focus to single subjects. I suppose that's why I love mono portraits so much.

Blogger Massimo said...

I realized there was something strange, but I couldn't figured it out until I saw the color image. But of course, roses have many petals, not just a long spiralling one!

Anonymous joe_ob said...

I think it is icing and not real flowers. But I don't like the photo as much as your other stuff.


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