Friday, October 28, 2005



Blogger Myself said...

In anticipation of a busy weekend, I'm making an early post and then going to take a nap!

I look forward to responses (or lack thereof) to this image - I can't decide whether it's too cliche, or too simple, but I still like it two weeks after processing it:)

Anonymous Adriana said...

WOw. You know I find a placer on the post processing as much as taking the picture. This may be a cliche who knows, but even with it I like it. So thats makes two of us. At the top pf my favorite. Very well framed

Blogger RainKing said...

Love job with the desaturation. Very dreamy.

Anonymous jasonspix said...

I really like it! great feel to it. Nice job.

Anonymous susan b. said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful, her eys are something else.


Blogger Massimo said...

After all it does not matter if a photo is cliche or not... what is important to me is if I like it or not. Sometimes (and I am the first "guilty" here) we tend to judge images from a too technical point of view, and that makes it easy to forget hour gut reaction to it. And my reaction to this one is that I like the lovely curves of her face, the sweetness of their eyes, and the delicate forms of the rose. What can I desire more?


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