Monday, October 24, 2005



Blogger Myself said...

I'm pleased with how the toning turned out on these pictures. They looked a little too normal in color, too drab in mono, so I layered the two versions and reduced the opacity of b&w to 65%.

These are my cousins (I'm not quite sure what the literal term for our relationship would be - nieces-once-removed-in-law), a beautiful and fun trio of girls!

Anonymous Adriana said...

Some of my favorites. I love this kind of tones on pictures and children are one of my favorite subject. Is great that you're already practicing taking pictures of childre. Well done David.

Anonymous andres said...

very cute... good sequence. i love taking photos of kids.

Anonymous susan b. said...

So cute.
Makes me feel like going outside and jumping about.
Nice job.


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