Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sunrise from the Great Wall

Great Wall

Our campsite for a beautiful evening and morning. BTW - not legal, but not uncommon either. It was a little bit disconcerting having the hawkers eye us as we walked in late in the day, but we survived the night without incident.


Blogger Myself said...

The first picture was at 200 mm and the saturation boosted to about +15.
The second is a thirty second exposure at dusk. We are huddled around a flashlight - no campfires allowed, a rule I was not about to break - didn't want to draw any more attention to our illegal activities.

Blogger Massimo said...

The flashlight did the trick. I genuinely believed you were around a campfire. The layered clouds in that sky in fire are gorgeous.

Anonymous Adriana said...

WOW. for the first one. The colors are such a beauty display wonder. The second one makes feel like going to a campa my self. Looks pretty warm. :)

Anonymous andres said...

wow! the sunrise shot is amazing! the sky is on fire!

Anonymous wayne said...

When I slept on the Great Wall around the Simatai section, I ended up meeting up with a vendor and spent the night drinking baijiu with him and teaching him how to play spit. Good times.

Anonymous susan b. said...

Wow. Gorgeous. Especially the first. Double wow.


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