Saturday, September 24, 2005

Pipe Dreams

Nowhere are the half-truths of advertising more prevalent than in the great game of golf. More carry/pure distance is literally a joke on this $8 course, where nary a ball has ever traveled farther than 200 yards, and the majority end up bounding precariously through the nearby roadway. But it embodies the quintessential American dream - to get something for nothing. So here's to the great golf ball that carries years of lessons, practice, and hard work along on it's happy flight!


Blogger Myself said...

So the real motivation behind this post, other than to rag on consumerism, is that between a newer computer and an external hard drive, I can now process RAW files.
Photoshop is controversial - my wife hates it more than anyone - and I absolutely love it. But were I to tinker around with my camera, I could get the settings absolutely right, and eliminate most of my post-processing ahead of time.
The beauty of RAW is the ability to tinker around with the perfect camera settings ex-post-facto. For this one, warming up the color temperature.
And I'm also excited about using RAW for black and white conversions - canon has built in filters - red, orange, green, etc. that should work a thousand times than my typical desaturation using the elements gradient map.

Have a great weekend, and after my consumer rant, I'm off to go shopping!

Blogger Massimo said...

I like the warmed-up colors and the low perspective: it looks like an happy ball!

Anonymous Adriana said...

What an interesting comparisson. The american dream and the golf ball. Any way. I really love the DoF here and the colors are great too.

Blogger RainKing said...

That's a deep thought! And a cool shot too. Love the DoF.

And Photoshop is your friend!


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