Thursday, September 22, 2005

Last Place

Without a doubt my favorite image from Mongolia. Taken at the finish of a Nadaam festival horse race; a twenty kilometer sprint across the steppe. I would stand in dead center of the finish line snapping away as the horses galloped inches from me. The riders are all young boys and girls, who by the end of the race are as exhausted as the horses. The sight of this boy, in dead last, whipping his horse maniacally in a vain effort for glory as he thundered across the plains struck me powerfully. He rode as if all existence were summed up in hoofbeats and sweat, sun and dust; oblivious to the race and its finish, eventually melding as a speck into the earth from which he came.


Blogger Myself said...

Okay, how can it be a great image? It's all blurry!

After much thought, I've decided, I don't care, I love it anyway - that there is enough raw energy and emotion to make up for the fundamental flaw.

I had a pretty slow shutter speed so the horses would blur nicely, but I suppose I didn't have the camera braced tightly enough. Converted to B&W, cut out the sky, and adjusted the levels for sky and land separately.

Oh, and please do say so if you disagree with my assessment that this is a good or even decent picture:)

Blogger Troy Earnest said...

that's freakin amazing!

Anonymous joe_ob said...

The mongolia image is excellent. Really really good. I've looked at for a while and I'll spare you the gushes. But I like it a hell of a lot


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