Wednesday, September 28, 2005



Blogger Myself said...

After months of begging, finally some pregnancy photos!

I tried several different combinations of images and layerings - this one seemed to work the best. The background candle image is sepia, and the other two are B&W layered on top of the first, which accounts for the tone. Deciding how to layer the image was a bit tricky. The final combo has one layer set to "multiply" at 50% opacity and another with "soft light" around 80%.

Anonymous Shelly said...

YAY!!! Thanks David-- that's a great photo. I love the layering...very artistic. :)
And little MG looks like she's been growing! (in a good way Ari, in a good way. Gotta keep that precious girl healthy!)

Anonymous Adriana said...

I had to take a second looks to identify the three layers, first I thougth there were just two. As far as I can see your baby is growing :)


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