Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yi Grandmother

Throughout Asia it is common for grandmothers to look after young children during while able-bodied women tend the fields.


Blogger Myself said...

Camera Model
Canon EOS 20D
Shooting Date/Time
6/23/2005 12:47:58 PM
Shooting Mode
Aperture-Priority AE
Tv( Shutter Speed )
Av( Aperture Value )
Metering Mode
Evaluative Metering
Exposure Compensation
ISO Speed
35.0 - 80.0 mm

If you look at my lens settings you'll realize that I did absolutely everything wrong. The rule of thumb is never to shoot at a shutter speed slower than the lens length. Also before you turn the camera off, set the aperture between 8 and 11 so it will be correct if you need a quick shot.
Otherwise this happens - you spend twenty minutes, every polish magic trick, and every Chinese question you know getting the child to finally look at you, and you have to take the picture immediately.

Mistakes aside, this is my favorite picture from the journey. I actually like the sharp face on the grandmother and the softness of the child - it shows her steadiness against the transcience and ephemeral nature of youth.

Blogger Massimo said...

Yea, rules are got to know in the back of one's mind, but shouldn't be taken too seriously. I like the photo this way, with the focus on the grandmother, and her look on the baby. It shows how she loves him and is taking care of him.

Anonymous andres said...

it's great to see you posting again

Anonymous Adriana said...

I love how you framed this one. You managed to capture the feeling


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