Friday, August 19, 2005

Woman harvesting

Sweet woman who allowed us to walk out in the fields and photograph her. She was remarkably limber, scrambling up muddy slopes without the least difficulty. Her peasant clothes are worn by the Naxi; both her lifestyle and dress held up as an ideal during Mao's cultural revolution.


Blogger Myself said...

Pretty straightforward metering with frontlight on manual. It is about the toughest shot to focus in photography (as far as I'm concerned) - thus she's a little soft. I've read that with the subject moving toward the camera, you should focus on a spot on the ground and fire when he/she crosses it. Fine and dandy unless you're worried about the facial expression - and this was the one I was after.
The superexpensive canon lenses can handle this situation with their autofocus, but I've got a dinky Kodak, so for better or worse I used manual focus.


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