Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mongolian Cowboy

Don't know what it is about this picture, but I just like it. So here ya go!


Blogger Myself said...

I've been bit by the Black and White bug lately. Don't know how long the kick will last, but as I get into Mongolia, I've got some good mono and color shots ahead, so we'll just see which way the coin falls.

Spent the day working on a portfolio - amazing how much I've learned in the past year, largely because of blogging and looking through other blogs. It's also funny how some pictures I thought were so great at the time no longer are that good, but others I nearly erased are my favorites. Plus it's the base joy of photography - being able to take a trip down memory lane!

Anonymous Adriana said...

I undestand exactly how you feel. We have learned so much during this 8 months.

About this picture, I think is the strong face of the man that has caught my atention and the fact that a Mongolian Cawboy sounds funny to me. :)

Blogger Massimo said...

I remember a series about a tibetan monk traveling in the far west. Maybe it's him!


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