Monday, August 22, 2005

George Burns

A couple of my favorite portraits of Naxi men. George, as we nicknamed him is wearing the famed blue "Mao suit," the dress of the peasantry during the communist revolution.


Common Naxi surname pronounced with a soft "e" sound.


Blogger Myself said...

A friend asked how I take portraits yesterday. He was our guide to the Yi village. I tried to snap a few shots every time we would stop for a water break.

George was just walking down the street in Lijiang - I asked him to stop for a portrait, and he kindly agreed.

I'm still not exactly sure how I find my subjects for portraits. In travel photography it is such a game of feel, trying to get a sense who would photograph well, but who will also allow and welcome a picture.

Now back at home, I'm trying to sort out the same problem. Here I will have the luxury and curse of having to be very deliberate about picture taking. Subjects will never walk down my street as I have a camera in my hand. But I can arrange to shoot with people ahead of time - and I can take advantage of knowing the language and area.

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