Sunday, August 28, 2005

Beach Boy - Hong Kong

I am absolutely amazed by the toy camera shots of Susan B at Outafocus.
Several times on the journey through Asia, I would be somewhere gorgeous, but with absolutely flat, terrible light, making for terrible traditional photos. But flat light with a strong, simple subject smack in the middle make for great toy camera pictures, so I recreated the effect with digital.


Blogger Myself said...

The shutter speed was around 1/60 seconds, so the blurry boy is natural. I cropped it square, converted to B&W, added a gradient and slightly sepia toned it. To go whole hog, I suppose I could add some noise or scratches, but this was enough for today.
Gradients had me confused for the longest time - there's a tool in the photoshop sidebar, and this is with the circular gradient set to reverse. You draw a line from the center of the picture to a side or corner, and the gradient is added. I believe I did this one using layers so I could lighten it a bit afterwards. Still getting the hang of it, though.

Anonymous susan B. said...

This is stunning. Gorgeous. Absolutely breathtaking.

And humble thanks. I'm deeply honored by your words and your tribute.

Warm regards from So Cal.

Anonymous Adriana said...

I totaly agree with Susan, this is beautiful scene. I have to confess that I've always been a little bit afraid of the oriental culture but you;re just showing so beautiful images of it. :) Regards. And thanks God for the good being of your baby. Take care and take care of Arianna too. :)

Anonymous rw said...

Totally with Susan b, this one is great.

Blogger RainKing said...

Excellent stuff indeed. Love it.


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