Friday, June 03, 2005

Travesty in Blue - Pingtung

Somehow, by some strange twist of internet fate, one of the absolute worst image manipulations ever created has found its way to the top of the Google image rankings. All these poor souls looking for blue roses, and they wind up on my site. I spent a few minutes this morning making some new ones, so at least their search isn't totally in vain. Thankfully the dismal, original culprit is still buried so deep in the archives that hopefully no one will ever find it!

Elsewhere, Clay Jackson just released his third issue of Snaps Magazine and was kind enough to feature another strange picture I took - homemade Erhus - a chinese instrument that normally is a bit like crossbreeding a banjo and a violin, but these made out of pots, pans, and tea kettles.


Blogger Myself said...

Fuji FinePix S5000
12/31/2004 12:53:56 PM
Tv( Shutter Speed )1/280
Av( Aperture Value )4.0
Exposure Compensation 0
ISO Speed 160

Pink roses in my limited experience work the best. To make 'em, drag the hues slider to around -100, put 'em on your blog, and get ridiculous amounts of frivolous traffic.

Anonymous jasonspix said...

I've found a bunch of that silly frivolous google images traffic on my site too.

Blogger les said...

Ha! This is so funny. I know how you feel. Do a search of 'ugly chinese' on google and on the first page there's a photo of me!! And I had previously considered it a nice photo :)


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