Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Spinning - Tienshiang

We've felt like this at times this year: crazy, disoriented, and totally out of control. But we've grown a lot, learned to lean on each other, and can now confidently call moving to Taiwan an incredible experience.


Blogger Myself said...

Canon EOS 20D
5/20/2005 1:16:26 PM
Aperture-Priority AE
Tv( Shutter Speed )2.5
Av( Aperture Value )22.0
Evaluative Metering
Exposure Compensation 0
ISO Speed 100
Lens 18.0 - 55.0 mm
Focal Length 18.0 mm

We spent about two hours in here, trying to preserve the right spiraled lines for the banger shot. I think this was image three or four out of the batch. In the end they all pretty much looked the same;)

Blogger RainKing said...

This is extremely cool. Amazing perspective.

Anonymous Adriana said...

Iknow that feling when you just have to shoose one picture in a bunch of photos that look pretty much the same, so you have too look for something really special in one of them. This pattern is so cool and the little bit of red makes so vivid. :)

Blogger 83eggs said...

i've never commented on your blog before (as far as i can remember), and i just found it by randomly blog-surfing. but every time i check to see the new pieces you've posted, i'm amazed. your pictures are absolutely beautiful - i especially love the way you capture reflections. thanks for adding to the beauty in the world. :)
- anna


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