Wednesday, June 15, 2005

All that Glitters - Taipei

Our days are numbered. Two to be specific. It seems like we just arrived in Taiwan yesterday, largely because of digital cameras and the fact that we've taken pictures of everything to jog our memories! We are a little bit sad to leave, but it is defintely time to get home and start a new stage of life as parents. I think image of the National Library is something like what our memory of this year will be like - a sparkling, magically unique place and period of our lives.

We'll be on the road for the next six weeks or so - to the Yunnan province of China, Beijing, Ulaan Bataar for the Nadaam Horse Festival, Korea, and then back home to real life! So unless I find a good way to post pictures on the road, we'll have a bucketfull of travel pictures. I'm also looking forward to putting together a good aborigine gallery from our year, so the Asian flavor of Unplugged should last at least a little longer! Thanks so much and see you in August!


Blogger Myself said...

Canon EOS 20D
5/13/2005 7:58:49 PM
Aperture-Priority AE
Tv( Shutter Speed )30
Av( Aperture Value )22.0
Evaluative Metering
Exposure Compensation 0
ISO Speed 200
Lens 18.0 - 55.0 mm
Focal Length 18.0 mm

Propped the camera up in the U curve of an umbrella bottom so I wouldn't have to stick the camera straight in the puddle. Needless to say, the umbrella wasn't keeping the camera dry, so I did my best to shield the lense with my hand.

Blogger les said...

I will really miss your posts. You have an excellent eye for photography, and you give me motivation in mine. Good luck with your travels, family, and western life!

Blogger btezra said...

~the lighting on that sructure is fantastic~

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a spectacular image! never have i seen this building photographed so majestically. i'm so glad i was led to your site by les at camereye, and am sad to know you will be leaving Taiwan. i'll be sure to continue watching your photoblog to see photos from the rest of your travels.

-pei from

Blogger Abhi said...

David, all the best in your travels. What a wonderful image to be closing this chapter out on!

Blogger matt said...

This is a truly beautiful exposure. The relfections, the glow, the sky are all expertly represented.

Anonymous Ed Little, Jr. said...

Your images are amazing...I connected via leslie's. She posted you maybe would be interesting to see what you capture back in your 'home'.

Anonymous Adriana said...

WOW David you just keep killing me with those beautifule building reflecte on the water. :o

Anonymous jasonspix said...

Good luck on your travels...see ya later!

Blogger genedavinci said...

wow. this is one great photo. superb lighting. it's such a dissapointment to know that you will be leaving taiwan. i am dissapointed that i have not made to know this site earlier. nonetheless, all the best in ur travel and do post your photos here. i will be back checking regulary. cheers!

Blogger said...

You'll be back =p All the best

Anonymous andres said...

i wish you nothing but the best.. good luck!

Anonymous navin harish said...

Brilliant long exposure.

Anonymous Ariel said...

Great colors and lighting. I'm not sure why you shot at f22 unless you wanted the light bursts. Nice photo.


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