Monday, May 23, 2005

Teacher - Pingtung

Shu-Fa, Chinese Calligraphy, or brush writing, as it is interchangeably called, is a dying art in Taiwan. It is an ancient discipline that requires a great amount of practice, which like many arts, is being threatened by the busyness of modern society. We went to visit one of the island's most renowned Shu-Fa teachers, Chen Fu Yin, who literally wrote the book on calligraphy (he writes about 100 books per year) and has some of his works on display in Taiwan's national palace museum.


Chinese "characters" are derivitaves of ancient pictograms. Some bear strong visual resemblence to their meanings, like "zhong," which means "middle." Zhong is also the first part of China's name - "Zhong Guo," which literally means "middle earth." L.O.T.R. fans might find it interesting that linguist Tolkien borrowed rather than coined that name!


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I know the angle is a little strange on Teacher. Normally I like to shoot portraits from straight on or above, but I wanted to include only the scroll as a background. I think that looking up at him also gives the angle that a student would see him everyday.
On the bottom picture I reset the white point in levels.


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