Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Silver Teeth, standing next to me just as enamored as I was.

Silver Teeth, he was braver than I. He wanted to take the monkey home. But a monkey smart enough to escape the cage knew to stay put.

In the end, Silver Teeth didn't catch the monkey. I didn't even try. But we both thought the great monkey escape was bundles of fun!

My brother is coming to visit tonight, so I'll probably be a bit splotchy for the next week. A homework assignment for all willing (it's great for those with kids) - we just watched Disney's "The Incredibles" last night for about the 17th time. Part of what makes it so visually appealing is the simulation of wide open aperture. Almost every shot is done with a limited depth of field. Try watching where the "camera" is focused - it gave me some great ideas to play around with.


Blogger Gordon Stettinius said...

First one is excellent. Not sure why it is but the face and those strange bars make me laugh.


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