Friday, May 13, 2005

Guan Yin - Fo Guan Shan

These are a couple of pictures from the spring flower festival at Fo Guan Shan - a newer sect of Buddhism that originated in Taiwan. Guan Yin is the buddhist goddess of mercy, usually seen as a stark white statue with a sunburst around her head.

Guan Yin soft *roll your chair back from the computer a few feet for a better look


Blogger Myself said...

Camera - Fuji FinePix S5000
Date - 3/1/05
ISO - 200
Exposure - 1/350
Aperture - f3.2
Focal length - 57mm

The autofocus didn't quite catch up with the second picture, but sometimes a mistake is fun.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first shot is beautiful.
Susan B.

Blogger les said...

Really nice. I'd love to know what kind of festival this was, because it doesn't look very traditional chinese.
Oh, and I've been wanting to go to FoGuanShan since I first came to Taiwan two years ago. Maybe sometime I'll email you asking for directions :)

Blogger Massimo said...

David, she is a regal majestic beauty!

Blogger Gordon Stettinius said...

The roling back and forth thing was really interesting on my machine. Not so much what it looked like from a distance but how it changed en route. A lot more transition than a print would under the same circumstances...

Anonymous riff said...

I'm not very good at technique, but the first one is undoubtedly amazing.. I couldn't even begin think how anyone would be able to better it.

And lol, the second one could indeed be considered as soft focussed ;P

Anonymous riff said...

*at critique, I mean. (I need sleep)


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