Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fern farmer - Pingtung

If the ecologists had their way, this scene would be widespread in Taiwan. Tall, thin betelnut trees cover the countryside. In appearance they resemble coconut trees, but they produce bundles of small nuts that are sold on the roadside. Betelnut has similar effects to chewing tobacco (a buzz, nasty teeth, and is carcinogenic), and it is also terrible for erosion (hence all the dry riverbeds save for sporadic flooding during the rainy season). But the trees are sparse enough to let plenty of light through, so growing ferns underneath is a great option to make use of the land, provide farmers some extra cash, and prevent the ill environmental effects.


Blogger Myself said...

Fuji FinePix S5000
Date - 3/30/05
ISO - 160
Aperture - f3.2
Exposure - 1/420
Focal length - 51.3mm (~200mm equivalent)

This was one of the last shots I made with the Fuji, before switching to the Canon 20D. Fuji film is legendary for handling greens - their digital cameras do the same. Also, I'd been baffled by the ISO 160 rating the finepix would often use. It turns out ISO 160 is a special grade of Fujifilm which is ideal for shooting portraits.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy fucking shit, the greens are awesome in that picture.


Anonymous Martin M said...

The red glove in the middle adds a great contrast to the green in the rest of the picture.


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