Sunday, May 29, 2005

Breakfast - Pingtung

I've been doing a series of pictures about the workers at the chaplains office at our hospital. Most of them aren't relevant unless you know the people, but these are a few that are more universally interesting.

The responsibility to care for an elderly woman usually falls to the daughter-in-law, rather than directly to a son or daughter (although they will provide financial support). A bit of variance from the stereotypical mother-in-law, daughter-in-law relationship in the states.

Waiting - Pingtung

This woman's surroundings and posture capture what I feel like when I'm ill. Blah, usless, tied down, but rarely willing to actually give in and rest.

Also, please stop in and see the latest photoblogs magazine spotlight with Wanda Scott - one of my favorite photographers, interviewed by another favorite - Massimo!

**per Wayne's comment, I played around with different light and opacity in layers - it gave both Breakfast and Waiting a different and more realistic feel (better or worse?). At any rate, it's a great tip, and it definitely improved the photo I'm going to post tomorrow. Thanks Wayne!


Blogger Myself said...

Breakfast Canon 20D
Aperture Priority
Evaluative Metering
ISO - 3200
Exposure - 1/125 seconds
Aperture - f5
Lens - 35-85 at 50mm

USM at 500%, Radius 10, Threshold 20

Waiting - Canon 20D
Aperture Priority
Evaluative Metering
ISO - 1600
Exposure - 1/50 seconds
Aperture - f5.6
Lens - 35-80 at 35mm

I really like the way the curtains turned out on the first shot - they remind me of the cloth in some of Sebastio Segaldo's images.
The second - I wanted her face shadowed to make it more ambigious - but didn't make much difference I suppose.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the tricks I learned for contrasty B%W photos is to duplicate your background layer, set the Mode to Soft Light (or Hard Light or any of the other Lights), and then tweak the Opacity. You'll get a similar effect as oversharpening but there won't be any significant haloing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This series is amazingly powerful. Really moving stuff.

And I wonder what I did with my Blogger password...



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