Friday, April 08, 2005

Dance! National Theater Posted by Hello

Every weekend dance teams and cheerleaders practice on the steps of what seems like every picturesque building in Taiwan. My favorite detail of these shots is the Universal Cheerleading Association shirt that a girl in the panorama is wearing. Another detail - there aren't high school sports - they are rehearsing a Baby Got Back routine just for fun.

Night photography is really tough in the sense of trying to get a picture to speak. I'm having fun learning to shoot illuminated buildings and blurry traffic. But getting a shot other than "I was there and I've got a pretty picture" is proving difficult. So I apologize if this month leans a little to the touristy side. For a taste of the serious, here's a link to Pulitzer winner Deanne Fitzman's photo-essay on an Iraqi child and his recovery from an explosion. It's a beautiful and disturbing set of images - a box of tissues would be a good idea.


Blogger Myself said...

Camera - Fuji FinePix S5000
Date - 2/22/05
ISO - 200
Aperture - f2.8
Exposure - 5.7mm

Working on motion blur. There's a thousand camera toys I would buy if I had the money. First on the list would be a shutter release. The Fuji was light enough that I could just lean on it real hard and it wouldn't shake much. No prayer with the 20D - it's huge - at least big enough to snap the head off a cheap tripod. I also haven't figured out how or if I can do a mirror lockdown so it won't buck like a bronco when it fires. But a good tabletop or stone guardrail will still tame the beast until I find a cable release laying in the road:)

Anonymous jasonspix said...

Hey...great shots! I haven't been around much for the past several days. Been sick..still sick. Really ready to not be sick. Anyways...I enjoyed the past several shots!

Blogger matt said...

I really love the motion in this photograph, and the amber glow of the long exposure on the lights. Very nice.


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