Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Burned - Pingtung
These are a few images from tomb sweeping this morning. This statue is only about a foot tall, one of many around the buddhist graveyard. Fireworks are commonly used to scare away evil spirits, but sometimes they find and unintended target. . . Posted by Hello


Blogger Myself said...

Camera Model -Canon EOS 20D
Shooting Date/Time - 4/5/2005 11:17:42 AM
Shooting Mode - Aperture-Priority
Tv( Shutter Speed )- 1/250
Av( Aperture Value )- 11.0
Metering Mode - Evaluative Metering
Exposure Compensation +1/3
ISO Speed 200
Lens 18.0 - 55.0 mm
Focal Length 55.0 mm

He's not the only burn victim in the buddhist cemetery, but the "what happened to me?" expression on his face caught my eye.

Blogger les said...

Nice colorful shot.
COngrats on your new camera!

Anonymous photographer52 said...

I take it some of these statues are quite old? Would they be hand crafted? Lovely image.

Blogger Tegan said...

fantastic photo! I like the angle and the colors.

Blogger Myself said...

Thanks guys!
Wanda, most of the cemetery statues are mass produced. There are a few shops nearby that do hand carvings, but people keep them at home for Feng Shui - different statues and writings are placed in each part of the home for good luck.


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