Saturday, March 05, 2005

Waiting on You

In addition to taking pictures, I do a good bit of songwriting and recording. I've got some exciting news about one of the songs -
My good friend and brother-in-law Chip Houston has spent the week in Nashville recording a CD with Grammy-award winning producer Mitch Dane. Chip included one of my songs, called "Waiting on You" on the record. Here are the lyrics:

Are you listening
Up there in the clouds
I've been wondering
When you will come back down

I-I-I am waiting on you

Yeah the world I see
Is a waiting room
I've been wondering
If the end is coming soon

Take the best of me
When it comes my time
There is nothing here
I won't leave behind

The CD should be ready for release in a few weeks - check in at Chip's website for updates, and I'll also put a link up with purchase information - get your ears warmed up!


Blogger Susan said...

Thank you! And I like it :)


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