Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Butterfly - Taroko
The upside of adhering to a theme (if a butterfly counts as land and sky:) is avoiding picture schitzophrenia. The downside is I love people photos and it may be a little while before I've get around to posting a new series. But Miles has some amazing ones on his photoblog Mute right now. Take a look to get your people fix!

p.s. As you may notice, I'm doing a fair amount of browsing through photoblogs and sites right now (work is slowing down as our year comes to an end). I'll list some of them in the sidebar and others under my favorites if you do want try some random searching.
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Blogger Myself said...

Camera - Fuji FinePix S5000
Date - 2/16/05
ISO - 160
Aperture - F-7
Exposure - 1/640 seconds
Focal Length - 57mm

Levels, saturation, USM


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